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The world of surf, sea and sand makes for a wonderful wealth of opportunity to create inspired pieces of art, check out a few finds from our travels this week…

Abstract Surf Art by Tim Bessell

Tim Bessell is most well-known for his fantastically shaped and decorated boards, while it’s undoubtable that his surfing experience and craftsmanship has created some of the best custom surfboards in the world. It’s also said that world class and weekend warriors alike recognise he’s ‘is more than a shaper, he’s an artist’. This is no more obvious than in his Andy Warhol series (available in our shop) and he seems enthused to create beautiful boards inspired by art and artists. Tim’s famously created Warhol inspired surfboards are now also exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

Tim Bessell Artist Series - abstract surf art

However, he has also created some installation pieces which are inspired and making waves with us. They like Warhol’s work ask us questions about modern society and consumerism and often cleverly on the platform of a contemporary consumer item, the surf board.



To see more or to purchase any of Tim Bessell’s beautiful abstract surf art pieces shop here.

More Abstract Surf Art

A couple of other interesting pieces made of boards that grabbed our attention this week are the great glassware boards by San Diego artist Katy Helen at Glassd which are created using hundreds of pieces of hand-cut mirrors to create a wave of reflections around your room. The artwork is made from real surfboards that are re-purposed as gorgeous glass artwork.

abstract surf art

Another wonderful creation comes from Brazil born street artist Mateus Bailon, who seeks to demonstrate the links between human life and the natural world. We certainly think this amazing wave piece is a wonder to behold like the ocean itself.

abstract surf art

Amazing pieces to explore and get to know better, we hope you agree!