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This week as the nights draw in and the clocks have gone back, we’ve been thinking about interior design ideas to brighten up our homes and felt inspired by the palm tree. The palm tree’s tropical evergreen features are synonymous with beach and surf scenes, and on looking at surf inspired interiors we stumbled across this look and loved its fresh green colour scheme sat alongside wicker, wood and chrome accents.


We are also a huge fan of Sean Davey and think his artwork would look stunning on the walls of any interior space as demonstrated in this gorgeous trio of palm tree leaf photos …

To create a similar look at home palm wall murals are available online, alternatively use a palm photo you have taken while out on the beach and transfer it to a large canvas. However to add some serious wow factor in your room why not buy this glorious composition by the brilliant Sean Davey available in our shop today, called Sunset Palm to brighten up your winter days.


The ideal thing about this theme for your room is it’s so versatile and you can select a colour and run with it. I especially like the dark silhouette of the palm as a feature pattern alone, as it provides a vintage yet contemporary atmosphere which can be found in these Blue Rapture beauties…

palm cushiondeck-chair-mauipalmblackaipad case

The tropical pink and pale green alongside the dark silhouette is great, it harks back to 1970s Hawaii but also sits as a modern feature of a room, why not buy a deck chair for your lounge and add a matching cushion, create a surf corner to chill out in and read a book (if you want to be truly ‘retro’!) or catch up online with the gorgeous matching iPad cover!

Just like the ‘evergreen’ palm, this look will never go out of style.

For more surf inspired interior design ideas and products be sure to take a look at our home range.