5 Unusual Homes by the Sea Posted in: Design, Home, Interior Design, Lifestyle

People have chosen to live by water for thousands of years, and nowadays this can mean in house boats or luxury beach side apartments, and this week our blog focuses on unusual homes by the sea.

Our Top 5 Unusual Homes by the Sea

1. The Floating Home by the Sea

This example of a floating house was designed by Singapore-based architect Myitr Malcew for a company specialising in floating buildings. It’s built on top of a buoyant platform and the house boasts a bar and large terraces, Malcew stated, ‘The concept of the floating house is inspired by nature, openness and luxurious yet easy lifestyle. The seamless connection with surroundings is achieved with minimal intervention’

floating house - homes by the sea

2. The Quirky Home by the Sea

This converted Victorian school house in Cornwall with exposed stone walls and beams, sits on the shore and it’s fantastically quirky, demonstrated by the need to cross an outside corridor to reach the bathroom!

…that could be chilly this winter!

cornwall school house

3. The Spa at Home by the Sea

Another seaside beauty is this Irish wonder situated in Coliemore Harbour, Dalkey, Dublin. This incredible house was built in 2006 and features not only those amazing views, but the lower level of the house also includes a spa and a cinema.


4. The Retro Chic Home by the Sea

This retro chic and funky 1970s Florida earth house built by architect William Morgan didn’t want to block others view of the ocean, and so the home is compact and contained in a sand dune. A glass wall separates the living room from the patio which provides the ultimate beach view.

dune house florida

5. The Tropical Home by the Sea

However, in complete contrast, this tropical Hawaii treat designed by Topsider Homes provides stunning panoramic views with architecture that stands tall in the natural environment, and sits in the canopy with views of the coastline.


Ah we can dream.