Cruising ahead – Contemporary Surf Art Posted in: Surf Art

Surf art is producing its own genre in contemporary surf art and forging recognition in the field. Some wonderful artists inspired by the waves include this brilliant bunch . . .

The famous American graphic artist Jon Van Hamersveld has turned to surf as a subject and it’s possibly no surprise due to his childhood in California and the surf culture that accompanies this lifestyle. He mixes fantasy art and design with a graphic illustrator style and his large projects include ‘Hermosa’s Great Wave,’ a mural installed on Hermosa Beach in California.

Jon Van Hamersveld

The wonderful Cardiff based ceramic artist, Molly Firth, has recently exhibited Ribbon and Surf at the Craft in the Bay show of contemporary art, her ceramics are reminiscent of the ocean and quite simply outstandingly beautiful.


Erik Abel is quite often referenced as an ‘Urban Contemporary Surf Artist’, however his experience began in graphic design and stems from the surf board design industry, but he now predominantly focuses on his art and we can see why.


Cornwall based Bryn Hall is an established illustrator now specialising in Surf Art. Her work is heavily Influenced by the raw beauty of the Cornish coast and her personal love of surfing. She produces flowing shapes reminding the viewer of the water wherever possible.


We think these artists whether starting out making waves. or riding the crest of one, are all wonderful, why not check out their work for yourself. Happy surfing!