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Welcome to Blue Rapture! Bringing you a taste of the ocean!

Blue Rapture is a curated online shop and blog for all things inspired by the ocean!
Surf Art | Beach House Decor | Tropical Fashion | Exotic Gifts

Working alongside passionate surfers, artists, photographers and designers we hope to empower the inspirational, & to inspire the rest of the world with unique, one of a kind, products.


Our vision is to enable inspirational talent to make a living from their art whilst travelling the globe in the search of new adventures.

Our aim is to deliver the very best, most unique, products and incredible stories from across the globe that bring a taste of the ocean into our lives a a touch of beach house chic to our homes.

From surf art and design installations, to gifts, fashion and accessories, Blue Rapture is a treasure chest for beach lovers! All our products are high quality, high end and rare to find on the high street.

At Blue Rapture, we do not see ourselves as just an online shop and blog, but more as a way of life. We love the ocean and all that it brings!

Our passion has and always will be the ocean as core, but as we travel the winding path through life, we aim educate ourselves about other cultures who enjoy the ocean, the beach and surfing, from all around the world. Our aim is to take a little piece from the best of each and bring it back to share with you.