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Adam Duffy Surf Photographer



Adam Duffy is surf photographer from east coast Australia.

Covering 25 countries globally, at infamous big name Spots, capturing and the immersing in multiple cultures, Adam has etched out the skills to produce extremely high Quality ocean images selling his works throughout the world!

Growing up, the ocean has been everything to Adam, any spare time he spends in the water! Now travelling the world for the best in Ocean Images, he is making a life out of his art form, He has found peace and justification through visual arts.

Adam story in short:

Living with his brother and mother Maureen, who was on disability welfare payments, she was incapable of work her whole life, struggling severe anxiety and mental problems, she was on government benefits since the day he was born, which meant bare essential Living standards at most!

He found determination through diversity and always found a way to do what he loved, He worked minimum wage as a chef to pay for all his travels, and would come home penniless after every trip.

“Im so happy to have the opportunity to keep travelling through the support of my followers, my wife, my family and those who purchase my art, “Im Living my dream” says Adam

“The ocean is my calling, it has been with me longer then anything else, I can go there by myself and have the time of my life capturing moments…night or day in or out of the water, the sunrise is the beginning of new of a new day, a new moment to capture and embrace” any day we have here should be thoroughly enjoy it. My Images help remind me of that, 🙂

Q&A with Adam Duffy

Where were you born and raised?

In Coffs Harbour, East coast of Australia, 1980, from a small town but I now reside in, Rio, Brazil.

What are your goals and direction?

My goal is to continue to do what I’m doing, I just love being in the water capturing the moments worldwide. The ocean is healing when Im stressed and keeps me grounded. Now 12 years on and all I want to do is continue on the same path. I can’t stand to go without a day in the ocean.

Where did your journey as an artist begin?

In 2001 I started Videography co-producing the movie various movies. Tedious time of editing involved made it clear to me I was never destined to be a videographer along with the fact my “Brand Name” water housing completely flooded my new DV camera. A long law suit involving court was in order and I was refunded, I then decided to purchase my first SLR still’s camera.

I decided to build and design my own water housing out of fibreglass and perspex due to cost, unreliability and trust in the big brands, I though I’d give it a go. I went on to use with 3 different camera’s with only 1 button on it, nowadays thats all you need on some of them, to press the shutter button making it hard to predict setting’s.

These day’s Im using modern canon and aquatech gear since the advance’s in equipment and available function’s. I continue to pour every cent into my photography and travel worldwide.

How did you eventually get you where you are today?

As a kid I was chasing wave’s with a board around the local spots on my pushbike as only mode of transport, I was lucky enough that my mum chose to live near the beach for us because we loved the beach. I soon was hungry to experience international surf destination’s.

As a I grew up and found work, my 10 -11 job as a chef (no 9-5 days) didn’t pay much but was enough for airline tickets and camera gear as long as I worked everyday when home, the core to building the portfolio you now see.

Now I am established as a surf photographer I have travelled 24 countries from Hawaii, Samoa, Indo, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, recently Fiji just to name a few. I have Tahiti coming up in 3 week’s time so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Who’s my inspiration?

Brian Bielman, Clark Little, Bob Marley.

Recent Projects:

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