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Fred Anderson is the owner of Vintage flamingo, the wooden sunglasses range sold on Blue Rapture.

Vintage Flamingo is a family brand were blood is thicker then wine. Two miscalculated swedish brothers doing there thing to get a ticket to Indo once a year.

The brother created Vintage Flamingo to share their love for the different, the happy and always changing life.

A living dream of shaping details designed by man and nature side by side. Its simple – the bird is the word!


Q & A with Fred Anderson – AKA ‘Good Time Fred’!

Nickname: Fred “Goodtimefred” Andersson

Where were you born and raised?

My mum and dad gave me life in Stockholm.

What inspires you to do what you do and why do you do it?

It’s a drive to create, shape things the way I want them in a way that is healthy for our planet. The passion comes from life and all the things we have around us, earth is a great place. As a surfer you´re blessed with beautiful settings and experiences, this together with the fine birds you meet along the way just makes it a right path to choose.

Where did your journey as an artist begin?

Wow, well I remember dad has his music and a genius way of seeing the small things in life and I could see his happiness and soul in it. I think that gave me a strive to search of finding something that I could get lost in. So yeah I think it began when I realized that creating took me away from everything else that was happening with girls, school, society and stuff. It’s like a peaceful place where you can do whatever you want…

How did you eventually get you where you are today?

Just by being and doing things I love. Making some good and some bad decisions but always coming back to what makes me feel happy.

What would you consider to be unique about your work compared to similar photographers, artists or designers?

Hmm… I don’t know. I guess you could say that I´m honest in my work and don´t leave the fun out. I like goodtimes and I hope people can see the positive vibe in my work.

What do you consider to be your favourite project to date?

There has been many during the years like Newsoul Skateboards but my heart and soul is with Vintage Flamingo that I share with my kid brother. Such a great time doing it together, making it a possibility supporting our family’s in the future.

What tools or techniques do you use to produce your work?

It depends on the project but I use everything from a saw to a computer. Greatest satisfactory is creating something “real” but I would say a camera, mac and pencils are very good amigos of mine.



Fave Surfer: Rob Machado, Kalani Rob

Fave Surf Spot: Madiha

Life idol: Dad

Fave thing to do to relax: surf


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