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Julie Merian

Julie Merian is a surf artist living in the South of France.  She lives by the sea and surfs the Mediterranean (yes thats right – there is surf in the Med!) waves near her home.

The winter on the Mediterranean coast brings storms, brown waves and grey skies which you can often see in Julie’s art.

Her art in general almost has a ‘Banksy’ type of appeal to it, with poster girls and graffiti type images popping up in what would otherwise be a rather dull seaside photo. Julie uses different shades of grey, black and white, employing this photographic style to point out the use of concrete and the over construction of the coastal area, the pollution of the sea and the problems involved by a densely populated shore. Grey is the colour of urbanisation. All the chromic spectrum being represented within grey, it is a complex colour, just like urban development problems are.

We caught up with Julie to find out more about her story…

Q&A with Julie Merian

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and grew up in the south of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean coast.

What inspires you to do what you do and why do you do it?

I’ve always been curious of the past. My grandmothers always told me stories of families. These are my memories and old photographs Bibles. Change old pictures it’s very funny !!!! But it also to show how much we have changed our environment, our quality of life and our freedoms!

Where did your journey as an artist begin?

If all goes well …. a surf session !!! Otherwise, a few coffee on the beach … Nothing better to clear his mind and unleash the imagination and daydreaming.

How did you eventually get you where you are today?

I think I’ve never had a choice! The need to draw, always … The sea since I was a child … surfing came much later, surf culture was not very developed in the Mediterranean sea. But today, doing what I’m doing is simply obvious.

What would you consider to be unique about your work compared to similar photographers, artists or designers?

My world is opposed to stereotypes. When I look at the surfing magazines, advertising on TV, luxury brands which uses the image of surfing, or just the image of the surfer girl …. I don’t recognise at all !! ! Art expresses what we live and what we are and this is why art is different from each artist.

What do you consider to be your favourite project to date?

Depending on where I make an exhibition. I try to find images that show the location. Spectators recognise themselves and are most affected.

What tools or techniques do you use to produce your work?

All my cards are unique. It is neither collages or photoshop. I paint snowboards or skates with acrylic. I paint canvases in acrylic also and doing “art nouveau “ drawings in ink.

Fun Facts:

Fave Surfer: My friends… no competition, no style, but the best in my eyes !

Fave Surf Spot: My home spot! When he wants to work well ….. it is very capricious!

Life Idol: Alice in Wonderland

Fave thing to do to relax: A glass of wine and listen trip hop in front of the sea… Just perfect !

Recent Projects:

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