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Rosie Shelton La Luna Rose




Rosie Shelton is the owner and designer of La Luna Rose Jewellery, a collection of ladies jewellery sold on Blue Rapture.

When we came across Rosie’s work we immediately fell in love with her style and the colours she used – her designs had Blue Rapture written all over them! We immediately got in touch with Rosie and so our journey with La Luna Rose began…

Rosie currently lives in Bali with a group of very talented designers, artists and craftsmen (and women too!) so keep your eyes locked on Blue Rapture for more unique products coming soon…

Q&A with Rosie Shelton

What do you do?

I design epic jewellery! …Which takes up about 3 weeks of the year and the rest of the time I am busy making it all happen. Haha. But it also happens to be a melting pot of all my dreams turning into reality…being able to live here in the tropics, with some amazingly talented people, beautiful beaches and designing good quality Sterling Silver jewellery…there are worse jobs out there!

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Christchurch. New Zealand. Although we spent every summer down on the shores of Lake Wanaka where we wake-boarded, water-skied, Snow skied, had endless laughs with new friends, bonfires on the lakefront, climbed mountains and all that other fun stuff you do growing up in the South Island of a very southern Country! This small little town feels like home to me as it is where my most vivid memories come from. I did my schooling in Christchurch but skipped out as soon as I could at age 18 and headed north to Auckland and later to Australia!

What inspires you to do what you do and why do you do it?

Seeing my work manifested into reality and seeing how excited other people get over the jewellery too. Its pretty surreal sending little packages of La Luna Rose goodness to people all over the world – People actually want these designs and little treasures I have made! I aIso love that living here in a creative hub in Bali and in the job that I am in, I get to meet so many awesome crew along the way who are doing epically cool projects too . Its super motivating and inspiring and definitely keeps excited to keep on going to the next project.

Where did your journey as an artist begin?

When I was a child following my talented mum around. My life has just been one creative little roller-coaster with different projects morphing into the next one in many different forms. I have dabbled in just about everything from ceramics to cross stitching to woodwork, clay casting, painting, jewellery making, graphic design, making toys to fashion design. This has eventually led me to now be able to make a (small) living from it which is totally dreamy! I couldn’t imagine my life without creativity in it daily…and I have mum to thank for every piece of that!

How did you eventually get to where you are today?

By following my heart, making a lot of spontaneous decisions and chasing that dream. Always being open to any opportunity that presents itself and generally having fun with life. My parents have supported every single decision I have ever made (whether they thought it was the right one of not!) but I can’t thank them enough for giving me the freedom and choice, knowing I had their full support to wherever it took me. You can’t take life too seriously otherwise it will fly by before you know, and I think they realise this too!

What would you consider to be unique about your work as a designer?

The reason I started La Luna Rose was that I was out searching for something that I couldn’t find, that being quality Sterling Silver jewellery but mixed with something bright, some colour. I didn’t want crystals or semi precious stones and then I just thought BAM, there is a market here and this gap needs to be filled…! I headed straight back to our holiday house we were staying in and started sketching my designs and ideas. This has manifested all sorts of possibilities of working with a variety of mediums, so far being Japanese glass seed beads and Nylon thread for cross—stitching into the pieces…who knows where and what will be next but you can guarantee colour and good quality!

What do you consider to be your favourite project to date?

Designing, creating and sourcing someone to help make my beaded beauties. These were the epicenter of our first collection and I went through a lot of turmoil to get these realised into their exact form that they are today! Seeing the first finished designs was like this massive beaming light at the end of the long tunnel… Although I have just started development with some coloured Resin for the next collection which I am VERY excited about…watch this space.

What tools or techniques do you use to produce your work?

Where do I start here? The Silversmith side of things is an amazing art form alone, through creating wax moulds by hand to casting, polishing and finishing each individual item. In our first range we have also used a lot of hand-beading techniques, cross stitching into the silver and other threading processes….The possibilities of La Luna Rose jewellery are endless, as long as there is some epic colour mixed in, we will work with all sorts of mediums!


Favourite Surfer: Laura Enniver!

She is the girl wearing La Luna Rose jewellery in my mind…  Banging gears, life in the sun, surf and good times. I have never met her but I think she would bring some good laughs and life energy to a sunset session with some wine!

Favourite Surf Spot: The Great Ocean Road in Southern Victoria in Australia.

As much as it gets FREEZING in Winter, at least when the waves aren’t perfect you have an amazing back drop of the golden clay cliffs and bright blue water.

Idol:  My Mum!

Because we still have ‘craftanoons’ together 25 years after I could walk and talk and although they now end with a wine instead of a cookie and juice – She is still creating new things and ideas and inspiring me! She rocks my world and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

Favourite thing to relax: To go for a Sunday night mission down to Southern Bali, Sit on the cliff tops and watch the sunset with  a cocktail in hand – It doesn’t get better than that to put the worries of the world at bay!


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