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Adam Duffy - Ocean Art available at Blue Rapture

Adam Duffy is one of our longest friends of Blue Rapture, providing our clients with beautiful ocean art prints to decorate their homes, offices and interior spaces with.

Originally from the Gold Cost, Australia, Adam Duffy didn’t have the easiest childhood as his mother suffered from mental illness, which meant that the family had very little income and so he spent most of his early years living of the bare essentials.

The ocean became his sanctuary for escapism and so his love for surf art prints and photography began.

Defining his Ocean Art Style

Over the years Adam Duffy has fine tuned his technique coming up with a very distinctive photography style using waves, light and a flash (Backwash).

Adam Duffy - Ocean Art for sale at Blue Rapture

Now 34 years old, Adam has turned his early years around and  is able to make a comfortable living from his passion, documenting his travels of over 25 different countries and capturing some of the most famous surf breaks around the world, as well as discovering a few secret spots too…

It sounds like he is living the dream!


Adam Duffy is now considered to be one of the worlds leading Ocean Art photographers, with over 15 years of experience under his belt, and is also considered a pioneer of under/over water flash photography.

Capturing photos like Adam’s is not easy though, he is in the water before sunrise most days, and there is a huge amount of risk when you consider the environment he works within – huge crushing waves and shark infested waters, let alone the skill and technique needed to capture that perfect shot – he sure is one talented man!

Blue Rapture work closely with Adam Duffy to source and supply beautiful ocean art for our clients homes and spaces on a number of diffent mediums, from simple canvas prints to illuminated aluminium finishes.


His photos are vibrant bring a sense of energy and atmosphere to liven up any room or space.

You can see some of the prints we have to offer here – if there are any that you have seen that are not listed, please get in touch with our team as we will most likely be able to supply these too.

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