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If you are looking for interior design ideas to create a tranquil, stress free environment in your home, then look no further than this article!

You can create your very own beach house escape using colour, decor and furnishings to take you away from the stresses of city life and bring you back to the sensations of being near a white, sandy beach.

Beautiful and affordable interior design ideas to help you escape from life’s hustle and bustle

Blue Rapture’s home decor items are perfectly suited for your interior design ideas when it comes to creating a beach retreat vibe. Our neutral, elegant pieces make you feel like you’re in a beach forest, combined with our bright statement pieces, in which the colours give association to a stunning sunset.

This Bamboo End Table is perfect to place next to your bed and will be just what you need to accompany your coffee in the morning. The elegant bamboo stems really add to the quality of the piece and the neutral tone of the wood is very fitting to the beach retreat aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Bamboo End Table

If you are looking for a statement piece of wall art, or a bold vibrant sculpture, that exudes ‘surf house’ style then take a look at our fantastic collection of Andy Warhol Project Surfboards by Tim Bessell.

Tim Bessell has the only license in the world to print Andy Warhol’s art on this medium. Each surfboard is handcrafted from scratch and made in limited editions which means once the boards are sold out, there will be no further reproductions of that painting. This aids in making the boards incredibly rare, sought after and beautiful pieces of art. Some of Tim’s first boards in this Artist Series collection have already proven their investment value with resale prices going higher than the original purchase price.

One thing we particularly love about this collection is the underlying thought and reason behind using Andy Warhol’s art on this ‘surfboard’ medium. For those of you who don’t know Andy Warhol was a keen surfer from la Jolla, California – where these boards are made. The concept of using his art on a something he loved to do really celebrates all aspects of his life both work and personal.

Another bamboo themed and stunning piece for your home is the Bamboo Futon Bed Frame, which is fantastic to create a Zen environment with an elegant touch to help you beat city stress. If your interior design ideas include creating a space where you just can relax and forget about your day’s stresses, then this is a great purchase. Finish the look by adding a selection of throw pillows of your choice – we have many beautiful designs here.

Bamboo Futon Bed Frame

Eye catching designs and statement prints are what our Schatzi Brown Cushion Covers are all about.

These throw pillows will add a splash of vibrant colour to any room, and are high quality with the print is on both sides of the covers. The colours are all exquisitely varied and the patterns unique – you won’t find anything else like it!

Schatzi Browm (real name Tanya Brown ) is surface and textile designer from Long Island, New York who draws on inspiration for her designs from the ocean and her travels across the world to various surf spots.

This particular design is part of her Moorea collection, pulling the blues and aquas from the tropical ocean, combined with a hot white background to mimic the pure white sand. The pattern used almost looks like waves lapping at the shore.

And finally, another idea, for your interior design projects from Blue Rapture, the Nautical Oval Pine Mirror. This item is a beautifully crafted piece made from recycled pine wood and is incredibly elegant. The nautical design perfectly suits a beach retreat interior and the neutral tones of the wood will compliment any bathroom. The piece is equipped with two wall brackets and two metal plates for holding the mirror in place, which makes it a very functional piece of design as well as exquisitely beautiful.

Nautical Oval Pine Mirror
Written by Scarlet Bringuenti Bennett
Edited by Harriet Smith