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Tim Bessell Artist Series Surfboards


About Tim Bessell

Tim Bessell is a Californian based artist from La Jolla, and first became famous for his Surfboard shaping in his early career, with his company Bessell Surfboards becoming one of the largest Surfboard manufactures in California by 1987. Many pro surfers choose to ride his surfboards to this day.

In more recent years Tim considers him self to be a conceptual artist with a love for surfing.

He is now a respected artist in his own right, producing his own collections of paintings and sculptures, as well as collaborating with artists from all over the globe.

Tim Bessell

The Artist Series Surfboard Project

The Artist Series project came naturally for Tim with his talent for art and love of surfing joining hand in hand. His goal for the series is simply to create the most beautiful Surfboards possible, while paying tribute to the artists who have inspired him.

Each Artist Series Surfboard combines graphics inspired by famous artists on Tim’s most popular Surfboard shapes.

For each iconic painting used in the series only 10 editions will ever be made, this increases and holds the value of the Surfboards as they develop in time to become collectors items. The ‘Revolver’ board from Series 1 (along with a few others now) has already sold out due to popularity.

Each board is unique and is made by hand only after an order has been place, therefore the shape of the Surfboard can be customised to suit the end buyer, should he or she wish to surf it. This allows then to choose the right shape and size for their surfing style, or display position within a room or interior.

Typically the Surfboards take 6 – 8 weeks to be made once the order has been placed.

Each Surfboard comes complete with fins included.

How to Order

To order one of the famous Tim Bessell Artist Series Surfboards, simply make your purchase through our online shop or drop us email, we can then answer any questions that you may have, customise your order and go through all the details and processes.


Instructions for installing and removing your new board as an art piece on display.

Option 1: Professional Hanging Kit (wall mount)


Option 2: “Perfect Circle” Board Stand