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Iconic Surfboard Art

Hawaiian hero Eddie Aikau, one of the first North Shore Lifeguards, was famous for surfing the huge waves at Waimea Bay on his iconic ‘Red Gun’ surfboard.

This surfboard from Tim Bessell’s Artist Series Collection uses another world famous icon, Andy Warhols, legendary ‘Gun’ art which will add a taste of big wave surf to any room!

Surf House Interior

Mesmerising Canvas Art

Take you back to Sunset Beach or Waimea Bay and catch a glimpse of the surf in any room with beautiful canvas prints by Hawaiian surf photographer Sean Davey.

Create Your Own Surfers Mecca at Home

Escape to Sunset Beach on the North Shore everyday by creating a Surf House Interior at home.

Combining beautiful wall art and sculptures with Tiki furniture and Polynesian influenced decor and accessories is an easy way to bring the the North Shores of Oahu back home.

Schatzi Brown Cushion Cover

Add a taste of Polynesian tribal design to your bed, sofas or chairs with this Schatzi Brown throw pillow textile design.

Surf House Interior