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Are you an aspiring artist, designer or craftsman?

Blue Rapture provides a unique platform for people just like you with an abundance of visitors each month to sell your creations to.


Blue Rapture is on the hunt for new artists, photographers, designers, sculptors and craftsmen (and women!) who are active within surf lifestyle and culture and produce products suitable for our site.

We already we work, shares and collaborate with a number of artists, photographers and designers from all over the world. Our search for inspiration from the extraordinary has taken us to some pretty inspiring and unique places!

But we aren’t stopping there! Our vision is to create a digital platform for the surf inspired community, a community of creative muses who embrace a sense of their very own Blue Rapture and who love all things unique!

By choosing to work with Blue Rapture, we promise that you will benefit from:

  • A unique platform from which to sell
  • Exposure to 1000’s of potential new customers every month
  • Reach to audiences you might not have been previously able to touch
  • Getting your voice heard and telling your stories via our blog
  • Even more exposure on our social media platforms to an even wider audience
  • Becoming part of global network of like minded designers, artists and photographers with whom you can collaborate with and share ideas.

We already have some extraordinary people on board, so if you think you would make a great addition to our collective then please submit your details for consideration via the form to the right.

  • Wall art & decor
  • Sculptures
  • Ocean inspired home furnishings – furniture, soft furnishings, lighting
  • Lifestyle accessories, ornaments and trinkets


Selling your products on Blue Rapture couldn’t be easier, once we have approved your application, all you need to do is send us your product details listed in a excel file (we will send you the template) and a fill in a short Q & A.

We work on a consignment basis so when you sell a product on our site, we will simply send you the order details and your payment plus shipping costs, all you have to do is pack it up, with our order form, and send it white label.


What’s yours, is yours! When you post your artwork on Blue Rapture, you continue to control the rights to it. We only ask that by using our platform you give us your permission to use your work for promotional purposes on and offline.


When you submit your excel sheet with all your product details listed, you will also include several prices for your product:

  • The price that you want to get paid – determined by you
  • Your recommended retail price (we will make final judgement on this depending on fulfilment requirements)
  • Shipping costs – this might not be necessary depending on your product type


Each month we will send you a report of your earnings so you can keep track.


If you still have questions about our services to sellers, please contact our team.


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