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Brillo Andy Warhol Artist Series Surfboard by Tim Bessell , ,

Artist: Bessell X Andy Warhol

Title: Brillo

Collection: Series 1

Board Design:

Medium: Swallow Tail Surfboard

Size: 78 Inches (198.12cm)

This board is a limited edition of 14 only.


Brillo Andy Warhol Project Surfboard by Tim Bessell

Brillo – A Bessel Warhol Art Surfboard

The Brillo Andy Warhol art surfboard from Tim Bessell’s Series 1 Artist Series Project collection combines graphics inspired by Warhol’s famous “Brillo” sculpture with Tim’s most popular surfboard shapes.

Each order, once placed, is made from scratch individually by Tim in his workshop in La Jolla, California and is signed by hand. This means that the shape of the board is not limited and allows the purchaser to choose their desired style of board if they should wish to do so.

Limited Edition Tim Bessell Artist Series Surfboards

Tim’s Surfboards are released in limited editions, and will be made available only a few times each year.

Once the boards have sold out, there will be no further reproductions of that painting, ensuring the value of the surfboard is kept high, as they have now become highly desirable collectable items of art.  This has been proven success after the huge success of the first series.

Once your order is placed a member of our team will be in contact to discuss options, postage and packaging to complete your order.

Please be aware: As each surfboard is handcrafted from scratch the lead time on each order is estimated to be 6 – 8 weeks.

For more information on Tim Bessell and his Artist Series Surfboards please click here.

About the Art:

BrilloAndy Warhol’s icon Brillo sculpture design was created in 1964 when he organised a group of carpenters to construct numerous plywood boxes identical in size and shape to supermarket cartons.

Warhol painted and silkscreened the boxes with logos of the different consumer products: Kellogg’s corn flakes, Brillo soap pads, Mott’s apple juice, Del Monte peaches and Heinz ketchup.

The finished sculptures were virtually indistinguishable from their cardboard supermarket counterparts.

In reference to his boxes, Warhol later said that he “wanted something ordinary,” and it was this mundane, commercial subject matter that infuriated the critics. The perfectly blank, “machine-made” look of Warhol’s boxes contrasted sharply with the gestural brushstrokes of Abstract Expressionist paintings.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 198.12 x 50 x 6 cm


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