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Beach Retreat Interior Design Ideas to beat city stress

If you are looking for interior design ideas to create a tranquil, stress free environment in your home, then look no further than this article! You can create your very own beach house escape using colour, decor and furnishings to take you away from the stresses of city life and bring you back to the sensations of being near a white, sandy beach. Beautiful and affordable interior design ideas to help you escape from life’s hustle… Continue reading
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Tropical Decor Escape

Tropical Paradise Disappear into a Tropical Abode with a Tropical Decor Escape at home. Combine luscious vibrant colour with bamboo furniture, statement wall art and of course don't for get to add a touch of palm print! To finish off, why not try adding a few tropical style indoor plants such as a Areca Palm or Pineapple Plant or to complete the look? This bamboo futon bed frame will add a taste of the tropics… Continue reading
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Into the Blue

Cool Blue Ocean Tones The colour blue is known to be calming, and so a great colour to use in a bedroom, room or envrionment in which you will relax. The room view above uses canvas art by Artist Adam Duffy Eye Catching Canvas Art Get lost in an underwater world with this triptych print of a surfer taken from below the wave by surf photographer Sean Davey. Large canvas art can add a breath taking… Continue reading