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For us fair-weather riders, Europe can be a pretty cold place to surf in the winter months, so for many of us we will be looking at heading to winter surf destinations to find warmer waters to catch our thrills in.

Blue Raptures Top Winter Surf Destinations


Best time to go: October to March (Europe’s Winter)

If you are looking for a short haul, but still warm, winter surf destination, then give Morocco a go!  A more affordable destination when compared to the likes of Hawaii, Maldives or Indo, providing a range of conditions for both beginner and advance surfers.

The Atlantic winter storms that Europe suffers provide the sunny shores of Morocco with refined, majestic waves, making it the number one winter short haul destination for surfers.

Killer Point, Safi, Immousane, and Boilers, just to name a few, are all surf breaks that promise plenty of tube time, thigh burn and clean breaks

When looking for accommodation, or a base to stay, check out Agadir, Essaouira, Casablanca. These are all cities that are close to the surf spots and will provide you with a bit of cultural entertainment for those flat days.

One of the added benefits of Morocco is that it’s also on the same time zone as Europe – so you wont be suffering from any jet lag, ensuring you can be on top form to make the most of that surf!

  • Flight Time: 3 hours from London
  • Flight Cost: returns from £ – Search flights now
  • Average Winter Temp: 24 c°
  • Water Temp: 18 c° 

Top places to stay:


A fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic cost, north of Agadir, now famous for its surfing beaches, Killer Point – a powerful point break, and so also known now as the number one surf destination for both pros and learners.  View hotels


Best time to go: November through to March

What winter surf destinations list would be complete without reference to the North Shore, Oahu – aka Surfers Mecca – Probably not one worth reading!

It is probably the furthest destination to get to on this list, and potentially one of the most expensive to visit too, but it really is a once in a life time trip that is not to be missed – whether you surf or not the islands are undeniably beautiful!

For the veteran surfers, head to the North Shore with out a doubt.  The famous breaks like the Banzai Pipe Line, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach will be probably be quite crowded, but also good to spot a few pros and get a chance to ride alongside them.  However, if crowds are not your thing, there are lots of hidden spots too along the coastline if you take a cruise and keep an eye out for them.  Plus

You could also try the east coast – there are lots of good waves to be snatched there, and will be less crowded by the tourists.

For beginners, head to Waikiki Beach where there are lots of surf concessions from which you can hire boards book lessons.

  • Flight Time: 18 hours from London
  • Flight Cost: returns from £ – Search flights now
  • Average Winter Temp: 24 c°
  • Water Temp: 24 c°

Top places to stay: 

Turtle Bay Resort – ££££

A beautiful resort located on the North Shore with good facilities, its own private beach.  Nearest town is Haleiwa which is about 10 minutes drive away. View hotel now

Aston Waikiki Beach – £££

A great option for those who want a selection of lively bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment for the evening hours, but are happy to travel to the North Shore during the day (about 40 minutes away by car). View hotel now


Best time to go: December to March

Indo is probably on par with Hawaii for its fame in the winter months with surfers.  With a variety of islands to explore, from Bali to the Maldives, you can be sure to find the right winter surf destination for your budget.


Known for being relatively affordable, with surf available all year round, and good spots for every level – this winter surf destination will not let you down! View hotels


Well know for its beautiful diving conditions, the Maldives also has plenty of fantastic surf spots to offer too.  Many islands offer privatised surf breaks ensuring crowd free surf at some of the beast breaks in the world.

Kanuhura, Pasta Point

Formerly Chaaya Dhonveli.  A four star, private island, tropical resort within a 25min speedboat ride away from Male.  Pasta Point, the surf break, is a privatised wave only available to hotel guests and is limited to a number of riders per day – meaning no crowds! View hotel details

Sri Lanka

Not technically part of Indonesia, but still has some great surf spots, and a brilliant option for surfers on a budget.  On flat days, why not take a trip into the jungle and go on Safari, visit the famous fishing poles or explore the markets of Kandy. View hotels in Galle region

  • Flight Time: 14(ish) hours from London
  • Flight Cost: from £ – Search flights now
  • Average Winter Temp: 27 c°
  • Water Temp: 28 c°

Costa Rica

Best time to go: All year round

With both Pacific and Caribbean shores, Costa Rica has plenty of surf to offer all year round as well as a relaxing surf vacation away from hordes of tourists.

If you are looking for a winter surf escape thought, head to the Caribbean side (December – March) where it catches swell from the same weather that bring cold fronts down the Atlantic Coast of the USA in winter and wells from the hurricanes that move to the Caribbean in late summer.

  • There are plenty of surf camps available in Costa Rica that offer great packages to surf and stay.
  • Flight Time: 11.5 hours from London
  • Flight Cost: from £ – Search flights now
  • Average Winter Temp: 27 c°
  • Water Temp: 27 c°

Top places to stay:


The Limon region stretches the whole length of the Caribbean coastline and has pleanty of hotels and various accomodation types to offer.  The majority of the beaches are located  in the central and southermn parts of the region, with waves to suit a variety of abilities. View hotels


Best time to go: All year round

The Caribbean is probably not one of the most well known places for surfing, but there is surf there.

As a general rule the consistent surf can be found on the North/East coastlines where the wind comes from.  However, occasionally due to massive swells or even hurricanes the west coats might fire, providing you with Instagram worthily turquoise barrels.

Barbados is a hit with those who can afford it, one of the slightly pricier winter surf destinations.  With a coral reef that stretches all around the island, there are unlimited surf conditions, ensuring no matter the weather surf is guaranteed somewhere at some point at any time of the year.  The east coast is famous for the ‘Soup Bowl’ surf break, whilst the west and south cost offer better conditions for learners to surf in.

If you are a traveller on a budget, then look into the Dominican Republic – not strictly speaking a Caribbean Island (it’s actually Spanish) but it does share the Caribbean Sea on the south coats and the Atlantic on the North/East coast.  Growing in popularity, this is the island where often the best low cost, all inclusive, holiday deals can be found which might make this surf trip more affordable for you. If you are heading to this island for a surf holiday – aim to stay on the north cost in Cabarete.

  • Flight Time: 8-9 hours from London
  • Flight Cost: from £ – Search flights now
  • Average Winter Temp: 26 c°
  • Water Temp: 27 c°


Top places to stay:

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